· Hisense U9 ULED TV received the Annual Golden Award for Display Technology

· LAS VEGAS, N.V. (January 10, 2018), the 12th“Global Top Brands” Award Ceremony, hosted by the International Data Group (IDG), was celebrated on January 10th. Hisense U9 ULED TV received the Annual Golden Award for Display Technology, which affirms Hisense’s leading position in laser display technology again.

· This is not the first time for Hisense to receive this honor. In 2015, Hisense’s second-generation ULED TV won the award with major breakthroughs in display technologies such as multi-area dynamic backlight control technology and high-definition processing engines.

· 1000+ zones local dimming backlight control of Hisense U9 ULED TV provides darker darks and brighter brights to enhance contrast, improves brightness, and offers more accurate image rendering. Hisense local dimming solutions make this happen by dividing the backlight into 1000+ zones and adjusting the backlight of specific zones to enhance the contrast where it matters. Meanwhile, with Quantum Dot technology, a huge amount of different color combinations are created to express the most realistic images on TV panel. The pictures on Hisense U9 ULED TV set look almost as crisp and beautiful as real world.

· As the World Cup Limited Edition TV, Hisense U9 ULED TV adopts motion estimate and motion compensation technology to enhance clarity in fast moving images. The Ultra Motion is perfect for sports lovers as each fast movement on the Smooth Motion panel appears more fluent, smooth and clear.


· Furthermore, Hisense U9 ULED TV is equipped with a new VIDDA system, and made significant upgrades for voice signal acquisition, data transfer technique, local computer processing, cloud computing, business integration, terminal rendering and full technology link. It gives users a faster, more intelligent experience.